STUCK is a show about triumphing over common workplace dilemmas. If you know what it's like to have a problem at work without a clue what to do, listen in! Hosts Damian Bazadona and Rachelle Pereira hear questions from listeners on where they are STUCK and only have five minutes to think about it before weighing in and trying to find a solution. Their advice is not researched or edited, but rather instinctual answers from the experience of a CEO and a leadership expert. Join them each week for actionable tips for moving through the stickiest workplace conundrums.



Rachelle Pereira

“The Book” - Co-Founder of EQUALibrium

Rachelle originally started her career as a counsellor in Northern England, working with doctors and surgeons on basic skills like active listening, providing clear explanations and generally not behaving like a**holes. This led into a successful consulting practice that took her to NYC and eventually in 2016 co-founding EQUALibrium - a leadership development company that is best known for helping clients support and build Powerful Modern Leaders.

She feels fortunate to have worked closely with thousands of leaders, based around the globe, at organizations like Sony Music Entertainment, Amazon, Human Rights Watch, International Rescue Committee, AIG and John Hopkins University. 

Always up for trying new things, Rachelle enjoyed speaking at the 2017 TEDxBroadway Conference about the challenges in receiving feedback and is currently acting as the Ombudsperson at Journal of Ethnographic Theory (she didn’t know what that was either). 

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Damian Bazadona

“The Gut” - Founder and President of Situation

Before Damian became a world-famous, Mad Men-inspired marketeer, he was a kid with mediocre record spinning skills and a gift for creating diehard fans. In 2001, he founded Situation with the goal of helping brands build passionate communities through digital-first marketing strategies. Over the years he grew the agency from 1 to 100 and worked with some of the world’s leading brands including Stoli Vodka, The Metropolitan Opera, HBO, Major League Soccer, National Geographic, and The Ad Council.

While he is proud of his client list, he is most honored by Situation’s numerous workplace awards from Crain’s, Best Companies Group, Cynopsis, Digiday, and Fortune. Damian was also grateful to receive Cynopsis’s awards for Social Good Leader of the Year and HR Visionary of the Year.

In his spare time, Damian has many interesting and ambitious side hustles including organizing one of the longest-running TEDx events—TEDxBroadway and building a 501(c)(3), Situation Project, which was invited to participate in the White House’s inaugural SouthxSouthLawn in 2016. He also still spins records in his office from time to time. 

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